Solo exhibition in the Galleria Neliö (Oulu, FIN) (duration of the show: 07.01.-
02.02.20) Artist: Catherine Ludwig NATURE TRANSFORMATIONS

In my work, I deal with different epochs, periods and spaces. Among other things,
there are questions about leisure and culture in connection with (pretended)
nature and public space.Who can use the public space and for what? What
concept of nature are established and how do these ideas on the other hand
form spaces that are accessible for tourism purposes? There is a desire for
untouched nature that is marketed in pictures, but in reality it can hardly be found
anymore. In the age of the Anthropocene we are threatened with the loss of the
experience of nature, because almost everything is developed, climbed and
exploited. We are part of the nature and are well on our way to sustainably
damaging it. But we, the humans, are the loser in the long term. Because
nature reacts according to its own laws, it is impossible to negotiate with
it in the traditional sense.

It is characteristic of humankind that our interventions in nature backfire on us...