"Props in public space" (2006)

Props for (g)Hosting: the Talismanic in Architecture
International Workshop at the SCA Shi-Chien University
[Performance in public space, props]

Die Gruppe U-FORM definiert “Raum” durch verschiedene “Bewegungs-Anpasssungen”
in ihrer Umgebung. Entstanden sind spezifische Körperformationen und Gesten.
Am Ende des Workshops ist daraus eine Performance ent-standen: vorort, unter einer
Brücke am Fluß.

The group U-FORM defines space by several field-tested movements, body-formations
and postures. These movements are related to some architectural structures and shapes,
but also to special rituals. The performance was shown under a bridge at the riverside.
“Architecture acquires meaning only after it is inhabited-used or misued.
Its meaning changes all the time
” (Tschumi Walker)